Used Double Wide Mobile Homes for Sale

By | July 17, 2016


Used Double Wide Mobile Homes for Sale – A double-wide mobile home consists of two modular sections that are connected lengthwise, making the home twice the size of a typical mobile home. The main reason many families used double wide mobile homes for sale is affordability. A double-wide is large enough to accommodate a family, but inexpensive enough to be attainable to lower-income homebuyers.

Reputation of mobile homes can bring to mind run-down units in far-off corners of the county, rather than an investment that can potentially provide a profit. Used double wide mobile homes for sale is almost certain to depreciate in value if you keep it on a rented lot, according to Double-Wide Mobile Home and a website that dedicated the manufactured housing market. They recommend that instead of renting, you buy a piece of land to affix your double wide to. That way, even if the value of the actual home depreciates, appreciation of the land value may more than offset any losses.

You may have all your friends over to your new double wide mobile home and they will never know it was manufactured and trucked to you, unless you tell them. This is because the features you can have in used double wide mobile homes for sale are just as beautiful as any custom home. You can have oak, cherrywood or other wood cabinets in the kitchen. In the other hand, you can have the granite or slate countertop you love. If you prefer tile and carpet, you can go with an inexpensive option that gives your home a better look than vinyl flooring or wood laminate flooring. And you could even have glass in the cabinet doors if you wish. The beauty of used double wide mobile homes for sale is having more space than a single mobile home. You can spread things out and make it look much nicer. Certainly you can conserve space if you wish such as a built in ironing board in the wall, but any home can have that. You also can have a beautiful bathroom worthy of any luxury home in double wide mobile homes. A double vanity with double sink, garden tub, and walk in shower are all possible. In fact, you could even have dual mirrors or one long mirror depending on the size of your vanity. Beside of that, the best part is when you need to move you can take your house with you. Even if it is on a permanent foundation, it can still be moved. Perhaps this is the largest benefit of used double wide mobile homes for sale.

Keep in mind you can have an energy efficient home, more insulation, energy efficient appliances installed, and better windows. You also can also choose a size that works for you to ensure you have enough space without spending a great deal of money. Most used double wide mobile homes for sale can be purchased for under $200,000 and still keep some value for resale. Cheap College Apartment Decorating Ideas.