Tips to Apply Bamboo Screen Fence

By | November 14, 2016


Bamboo Screen Fence – Fences environmentally friendly, using a bamboo fence is the best choice you can make. But what makes it even better that bamboo is both durable and unique. When you put these two causes together, you really have the best possible alternative to a fence.

Bamboo fencing is an environmentally friendly alternative to wooden fence. As the plant grows bamboo is almost 12 times faster than trees, which we use for wood, easy to update them. Not only is bamboo fence looks great, but also very durable. Bamboo fence can be used for screening purposes as well. The best thing about this type of fence is, you can build everything themselves using simple tools. You can be really creative with bamboo and create different designs.

There are many different styles of Bamboo Screen Fence, and choosing the right one for your backyard depends on the taste and the type of decoration you are looking to achieve. Almost everything is commercially available bamboo fence would come in each roll or plate. And will be available for the most common types of long column diameter of about 1” or thin sticks of about ½”. It will be held pole or stick together with heavy galvanized wire.

These are some tips to use Bamboo Screen Fence for your home:

1. Buy Materials
Take your fence length measurement. Contact your dealer and ask him to help you choose the bamboo is suitable for fencing purposes. It can also help to determine the amount and the unit will need.

2. Equipment
You can sharpen one end of the bamboo after saving some aside for the use of poles and cross beams. You can dye all bamboo or have them polished. However, the natural color of the bamboo also looks very nice. It is best to bamboo shades now and not after the completion of your bamboo fence.

3. The formation of the foundation
Insert a bamboo pole in the hole and fill the remaining hole with soil to create columns stand firmly on the ground. Make sure that the heads of all the pillars at the same level.

4. Fence
Now dig a small hole for the final preparation hone closely one after the other. Bamboo firmly connects to one another with a long rope. The rope should be very strong.

5. Through Support
Bamboo cut lengthwise into two parts for the use of intersecting beams. Now plug the joists with nails on the fence. You can attach via two horizontal support one and other documents on the ground near the top of the wall. Bamboo fence is now ready.

That’s all information about Bamboo Screen Fence. Just enjoy to decorating your home.