Tips for Choosing Bathroom Vanity Lights

By | May 3, 2017

modern bathroom vanity lighting

Bathroom Vanity Lights is an important feature in bathroom design. Sometimes, the bathroom’s overhead lighting is not enough to the right light and allow the right putting on of make up or have a good shave. The vanity lighting in the bathroom is sometimes overlooked, but without good lighting, the lights can create reflections or shadows.

Choosing good Bathroom Vanity Lights design is required to get the proper amount and quality of light. It will include features to look at the type of bulb type, finish, styles and sizes. There are several kinds of bathroom vanity light available in the market today. Choose the type of lighting to suit the personality and most importantly, the design that will fit into the overall theme of the bathroom.

Vanity light not properly positioned can produce shadows or glare in areas that do not want. Put lights on either side of the mirror will help to prevent this. If a mirror is large enough, the lights can be suspended directly on the mirror. The important thing is to install lights at eye level to produce light even without creating shadows.

Vanity lights should create a balance, not too dim or too bright. A large bathroom may require at least 2-5 lights. Strips light may be the best type of this because it illuminates the whole vanity and it can be inserted into the well to shine up or down. For a small bathroom, on the other hand, a single vanity light or a sconce installed on either side of the mirror may be sufficient. The dimmer and can be added to adjust the light depending on the time of day. The light should not be wider than the cabinets or cupboards lights but can be wider than the mirror. If the vanity is long or has two sinks, the match will be more than achieve the best results.

Light finish must fit into existing faucets and other fittings in the bathroom. If the fixtures are shiny then polished silver or chrome will do. If design has a brushed look of polished nickel finish would be a good choice.

Some Bathroom Vanity Lights can use a special light, which can cause problems when the time comes to change because they do not usually sold in stores or have been shut down production. Avoid white or yellow lights bright for they tend to be hard with unrealistic color and they make the skin look pale and washed out.

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