Shipping Container Home Designs

By | January 14, 2017


Shipping Container Home Designs grow as there are hundreds of thousands of shipping containers architecture around the world. Usually in the docking port, container is wasting away from anything at all. Some clever architects and builders have recycling the containers and designing houses and low-income apartments with it. Shipping container homes are very affordable, stackable and able to withstand the worst weather conditions nature. It is structurally built to withstand almost anything and abundant in almost every country today.

There is no doubt that building shipping container is difficult. There are more than 18 million of containers estimates float, ride and fly around the Earth today, but the latest sustainable container designs have been changing the content of the container to be more intelligent. Usually, containers have eight feet 8-9 feet wide and either 20 or 40 feet long in length, there may not be a wide range of space and land in containers but some architects and designers now don’t only build container in square form, so here is some Shipping Container Home Designs for you;

1.Four houses rooms
This container is stacked vertically on four different floors. This container has been designed for small home life. Each of the four rooms serve a specific function and purpose. Starting from the bottom to the top, there is a spiral staircase that connects the work floor, the floor of the kitchen / dining room, living room floor and in the top floor, bedroom and bathroom.

2.Port a bach
It is portable and peaceful retreat like design to use impact on the surrounding landscape. This unit is incredibly can be placed on the site by helicopter or delivered by truck and easily connect to the local utility. It is very interesting container home to sleep two adults and two children, of course, has a bedroom, kitchen with storage.

It is small Shipping Container Home Designs with energy efficiency for homeowners to get away from the crazy things in the world. This house shipping containers are easy to transport and safe and secure enough to leave in remote areas for a long time. Ecopod derives its power from a solar panel 80 watts, and the floor is made of rubber from recycled and isolated tires.

4.Espace Mobile
It is very affordable container home units that are designed for customization. This container is designed to store and maintain the heat energy efficient and can be modified to include balconies and internal configuration. That is all about Shipping Container Home Designs.

Shipping-Container-Home-Designs-002 shipping container home designs