Paint Ideas for Kitchen Living Room Combo

By | February 25, 2016


Paint Ideas for Kitchen Living Room Combo – Have your home kitchen paint color using the latest color choices this year? The kitchen is one room that is used every time cooking. Even for the type of minimalist house, where the kitchen used as a dining table. Create a cozy atmosphere when cooking or eating together is needed. One possible solution is to choose a paint ideas for kitchen living room combo.

No longer isolated from the home’s more social areas, increasingly open kitchens are now combined with casual dining and lounging areas that actively draw people together. Watch the family room TV while you wash dishes, or fix the evening meal while talking to your children who are doing their homework at the table. Prepare hors d’oeuvres while chatting with guests as they mingle.When executed well, this blend of multi-functional spaces — the kitchen with its delicious aromas and the sitting area with its inviting softness — functions as the heart of the house.

The choice of paint ideas for kitchen living room combo that can be used as a reference for you:

Light green
Green color symbolizes beauty, purity, healthy, fertile, and religious harmony. In addition, the shades of green space will provide a fresh nuance and shade. Light green kitchen paint colors appropriate to be used as a kitchen wall color choices. The impression of this color is a cozy, airy and bright. This paint ideas for kitchen living room combo is also one trend of modern color choices in 2014’s. You can combine white color in other parts of the kitchen, such as tooling cabinets white, window sills and white colors. The result would be a modern kitchen atmosphere.

Orange also has the character of excitement, joy, and strong communication. Color choices include modern colors and can be combined with other colors. Kitchen paint color blend that can be played is white. Although a bit flashy, but the colors seem cheerful, so when cooking will keep the mood. You can use the kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture with black. paint ideas for kitchen living room combo will reinforce the impression of your home is more modern.

White is the color that symbolizes the beginning, clean, pure, fresh. The color white is also a color that will never death. This color can always follow the development trend of color. Kitchen paint colors with white option will create an atmosphere of calm and sunny. This color is also an elegant color. You can add a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen by adding furniture from natural materials such as wood, such as cabinets, kitchen utensils, wooden dining table all pretty in a varnish to add a natural impression.

There are many choices of colors that you can choose to paint ideas for kitchen living room combo, for example, red, gray, blue. During the selection of a good kitchen paint color is consistent and integrated with other color combinations, the results will make the atmosphere become more cozy and beautiful. 8 Powerful Feng Shui Bedroom Tips.