Paint Ideas for Bedroom with an Accent Wall

By | May 6, 2015

Here we provide paint ideas for bedroom with an accent wall, may those can inspire you.

design ideas for bedrooms accent wall 002

A bold red color impression may not all people want to use it as your paint ideas for bedroom with an accent wall. But now it is widely used by developers for paint color minimalist home. They only use the red color in certain sections to strengthen the character. This bold color display would be maximized if combined with gray and white. The red color become a popular color choice for 2015 is, you can try for your home. Make sure the red color just as the center of view just as well in yellow above.

popular paint colors for bedroom accent wall

Green is synonymous with freshness, fertility and peace. You buff green color seems quite special this year for you. The green color is used as the new color trend for house paint colors this year mainly paint. Combination bright green color and fresh can you mix with a clean white color.


There are some people who like the color orange, but the color is quite bold if it applied for paint ideas for bedroom with an accent wall. A touch of red color on a orange character will maximize your home.


The color purple is considered the color of great paint ideas for bedroom with an accent wall actually turns the color of royalty. The English use it only for the royal family. For them the color purple is the color that is dignified, rich and visionary. So for those of you who like the color purple you can realize now that the colors that you like is the color of luxury. Back at the house paint color, purple is not recommended as a single color in your home. Luxurious feel lost when it was just a stand-alone color, white is the perfect blend to create the luxury of your home. A little touch of black will maximize luxiourus this purple color, do it with the proper placement of the color purple. The color purple is also popular used as home interior colors are pretty, like paint colors bedroom.

Multi-Color-Paint-Ideas-for-Bedroom-with-an-Accent-Wall (2)

Multi Color
Multi Color can make paint ideas for bedroom with an accent wall more attractive, or vice versa, only certain people who dare to do it. This work is often done by the expert, not you who do not understand about the right color combination.

These colors are not only based on their composition but how colors can blend with the character of the house. There are examples of cases where the owner has sufficient budget just to find the best color combinations for home. This means that the color is no longer just the outer layer alone but rather the character you want give from your bedroom, whether fancy, simple, simple, or elegant. All depends on you, if you do not want to choose your own colors for your bedroom let the experts work.