Paint Ideas for Bathroom with Brown Tile

By | March 31, 2015

Paint Ideas for Bathroom with Brown Tile

Paint Ideas for Bathroom with Brown Tile – Compared to another room in the house, the bathroom tends to privilege. Because the flow of water and hot steam will make the bathroom more humid than other rooms. It requires a special wall coatings that can strengthen the layers of the wall, although exposed to steam, or even water constantly.

In Indonesian, the bathroom walls are generally covered partially or wholly with ceramic tiles. Actually, there are several other alternatives such as using natural stone, exposed concrete, combining ceramic tile and paint, slab wood and paint, and wallpaper. If you are interested in covering the bathroom wall in part, or entirely with paint, here are some paint ideas for bathroom with brown tile and things you should consider.

1.Air ventilation is adequate. Make sure your bathroom has adequate ventilation. Without ventilation, high humidity can damage the paint in the bathroom. You can create windows that can be open, or use exhaust fans. In addition to keeping the paint in the kitchen, exhaust fans can also reduce vapor, moisture in the bathroom mirror, and dries wall. Turn on the exhaust fans for about an hour after you shower.

2.Gypsum installed neatly. You can use gypsum as a coating bath, especially if the concept is “dry bathroom”. Two things that should be considered; First, use moisture resistant gypsum board that is relatively stronger than regular gypsum board. Second, make sure the installation is correct. Do not let the sanding process leaving different textures. Ask for finishing level 5 to get the best results.

3.Perfected the angle of gypsum. If you are using gypsum cover, make sure the bathroom has a perfect angle. Use pro corner bead to create the perfect angle.

4.Durable paint. If you decide to paint the whole or in part of the bathroom wall, make sure the paint have good quality that is durable for specific sites. The site covers an area around the windows, or other surfaces that are often used as “storage shelves”.

5.Lighting is good. Lastly, make sure you give natural and artificial lighting that are sufficient in the bathroom. Lighting plays an important role in the appearance of the bathroom. If the sun dominates the lighting, you should check out how the “fall” rays throughout the day. Although both have a lot of natural light coming into the bathroom, but it can also be asserted painting mistakes in it. Moreover, if you choose the paint shiny (glossy).

Choosing paint ideas for bathroom with brown tile also can not choose randomly, because the colors that do not match can produce the impression of the room was not clean and looks dark, thereby reducing the beauty of design that has been designed. Paint ideas for bathroom with brown tile like what can you use? .. these are the tips.

For paint ideas for bathroom with brown tile that matching in a bathroom, you can use bright colors so that can produce wide impression of cramped bathrooms. Bright colors can also make the atmosphere more spirit and not cold. Green, red, yellow, and white colors can be chosen by you to paint ideas for bathroom with brown tile. In addition to color, the type of paint used should also be considered. The bathrooms are usually moist and susceptible to water, of course require a special kind of paint that is resistant to humid air and wet.