Living Room Designs with Hardwood Floors

By | April 16, 2015

best hardwood flooring for living room

Living Room Designs with Hardwood Floors – The house is a place that became a major destination for a person to find peace, rest, and recover physical condition after activity outside the home. Therefore, the design / model home is always made in accordance with the wishes of the homeowner. Interesting house with comfortable interior definitely requires a beautiful and comfortable floor. There are at most homeowners choose flooring that gives the impression of natural and unnatural. To achieve these desires, now many homeowners make the wooden floor as the best option for living room designs with hardwood floors.

Since the first wood was a common building material to be used for all elements of the building floors, walls and building construction. Until recently, wood floors still be an idol for residences that can provide warmth interior. The wood floor is no less in terms of aesthetics and comfort compared with tiled floors. Wood is flexible to provide an atmosphere of modern, classic and elegant.

According to our observations the use of wood as a floor tile decoration of the room is now becoming a trend in many places and the room like living room designs with hardwood floors. The advantages of using wood as a tile is a natural effect of comfort and gained more than we use the example of a conventional tile ceramic tiles made of ceramic although often displays a solid impression and elegant, but such assumption is not appropriate because the wood is also a strong element and more adaptable with the existing weather.

Wooden floor can add natural effects also able to provide comfort in the room, this is because the material is made of natural, of course, can be obtained if we use wood products choice and not carelessly use the existing wood. Examples of the most appropriate wood for living room designs with hardwood floors are :

1. Merbabu Wood
2. Teak
3. Nails Wood
4. Rose Wood
5. Bengkirai Wood

The beauty of living room designs with hardwood floors that is displayed will certainly make the room so it has more value and it is certainly good for those of you who want a deeper aesthetic in the room that you have.

A lot of people enjoy using of wood flooring. Because in addition to beautify the room, parquet is also good for health. Because if you walk in the room, you do not need to use sandals and do not need to fear of rheumatic as cold as ceramic or marble floors. Parquet / wooden floor is natural that is not warm and not too cold. That’s why a lot of people in Japan who still using it.

There are many types of parquet options can be adjusted to your taste, as well as adjust the Budget that you prepare.

You must be careful in choosing wood for the floor space of your home. You should not be interested in a cheap wood flooring prices, but also the quality of the material. Because according to the characteristics of the wood will shrink to moisture and temperature changes in the room. If you choose solid wood is also prone to scratches and cracks. So, look for as much info about the type of wood flooring according with the concept of your living room designs with hardwood floors.