Living Room Designs for Small Spaces Photos

By | April 11, 2015

how to decorate a small living room

Living Room Designs for Small Spaces Photos – A difficulties to conjure narrow minimalist living room into a space that looks spacious and comfortable. Although not impossible, but it remains difficult to be realized especially for those who are new to the living room interior design. Although a lot of tips on arranging living room minimalist home small but not easily applied to the living room, moreover every house has a minimalist model and the size of the living room is different.

Living room designs for small spaces photos can be said to represent your character as a homeowner. Thus the living room should be designed as neat as possible so people do not assume you’re the type to fall apart. Designing a small living room is actually easy to do if you have a little foresight and intelligent in iridescence. Color balance combined with proper furniture arrangement, by itself able to create a comfortable living room, although the rooms are narrow though.

There are tips on arranging a narrow of living room designs for small spaces photos in minimalist home you should look for perfection living room. Here it is:

Color Balance
To narrow living room, preferably with a wall paint color, furniture or accessories should be in a balanced composition. Determine bright color matching for both. A balanced combination of colors can create a beautiful atmosphere in the living room designs for small spaces photos. For wall paint color should choose a single color because if you apply color crowded room seem less neat. Pretty wall color combined with the color uniformity of color accessories that happen to get the impression the room is more spacious.

Color Game
To narrow living room needed a game of soft colors, especially for accessories or trinkets, such as flower vases, tablecloths, and photo frames. Soft colors such as white, yellow, lime, turquoise, beige, or ivory is an ideal color choice for such decorations. A touch of bright color like red or lime green will also need to be added so that the living room designs for small spaces photos look more dynamic and interesting.

Simple Furniture
Especially for raw furniture such as sofas, tables, and chairs should you choose the size is not too large with simple designs. In this case you have to prioritize the furniture function rather than design. No need to be too over by adding a lot of ornaments, furniture designed symmetrical enough to reinforce the concept of minimalism in your living room designs for small spaces photos. If necessary you can simply use a small furniture such as rattan chair is sleek or two small sofas combined with transparent glass table. This will help you to get a room space that can be used for other needs.

It is increasing the impersion in the room. This can be done with vertical accent lines that direct views from floor to ceiling. The ceiling is higher to make the room feel more spacious, especially if the walls using paint colors are bright and soft. With still considering the ceiling, you can hang a painting or work of art in one side of the living room wall.