Landscaping Ideas Front of House

By | August 1, 2015

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Landscaping Ideas Front of House – The front house is the stepchild of landscape design. When it comes to planting in front of the house, the choices are surprising: instead of a lawn, you might create a colorful cottage garden, an edible landscape, a drought-tolerant meadow of regional native plants, a sea of ornamental grasses, or even a romantic orchard.

In landscaping ideas front of house, just as you use color inside your home to create a sense of space, intimacy or quiet, the same concept applies in your front house. Color can be used to manipulate the visual perception of distance and space from the sidewalk to your front door. Cool colors, such as light blues, lilacs and greens visually lengthen perceived distance, while reds, yellows and oranges do the opposite. Combining colors by layering your flower beds adds a visual path that can be inviting and dynamic.

Your landscaping ideas front of house should show the style of your home. Here are some tips for landscaping ideas front of house. The previous one of the tips is using ground covers. Ground covers are a low-maintenance alternative—and complement—to grass. Because they’re low to the ground and dense, they give a neat appearance with very little maintenance. They also allow you to introduce spring bulbs to your landscape, because the ground cover hides the dead leaves after the bulbs bloom. In edible ground cover, replace small areas of grass with spreading varieties of herbs, such as wintergreen, thyme, or sage; leafy veggies in the lettuce family; or even low-growing berry plants. These, and clover by itself, can’t take as much foot traffic as regular grass. In hardscaping, for the least maintenance, consider gravel, slate tiles, or another rocklike ground cover — a particularly smart solution in drought-prone areas. Plan it out (with a pro, if needed) before you de-plant, to decide what greenery stays.

Landscape fabric underneath should help prevent regrowth. The next tips is rethinking of foundation plants. Avoid treating foundation plants as if they were little soldiers pressed up along the perimeter of your house in landscaping ideas front of house. For a two-story house, foundation plantings should extend at least eight feet out from the house. When you’re planting shrubs, think about how they will look in three to five years. You don’t want to select varieties that will block your windows. In the other hand is adding some privacy. If you are looking toadd some privacy, consider a buffer of shrubs. A buffer that includes multiple plants at varying heights can accomplish the same thing as a solid hedge or a fence but is far more welcoming. Alternatively, if you are just trying to block the view from a particular room—or a part of your yard from your neighbors—plant a couple of trees or shrubs with strategic precision. The next tips in landscaping ideas front of house is considering the light. Your house is a large object that will block the sun for part of every day. If your house faces north, the front yard is never going to get great light. If it faces east or west, it may get searing sun for part of the day and then no sun for the remainder. Make your plant choices with your house’s orientation in mind.