How to Use Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

By | November 23, 2016


Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets – Many homeowners choose one color for their kitchen cabinets and this is a good solution. However, the two tone kitchen cabinets can make other types of visual effects, as well as differences that are well adapted to styles such as modern and traditional. Here are some ideas to integrate the two tone kitchen cabinets.

Use the tone both as a tone or accent. If you are on the fence around the two-tone cabinets, then attempt to highlight the color balance. What that means is, choose a small place for example and use it to try out your color variations. Another way is to simply paint the crown molding as well as do it with a slightly darker tone to add a final end to very high kitchen ceiling.

Try to contrast material in order to add a second color. If you pick the second color may seem daunting, think about the different terms: Choose secondary materials that complement the undertones in main color. For example, the bright yellow kitchen works very well with the warm basis of wooden island. A stainless steel rolling provides interestingly contrast to the cool blue of kitchen cabinets.

Use white as a bridge between those two colors. The trick is to choose triangular design commonly used for helping to ensure the visual balance; it is often referred to as the 60-30-10 rule. It translates to 60 % of a dominant color, 30 % of secondary as a color and 10 % with color tone. For kitchen cabinets, white is a good option for a third color in a mostly two tone cabinet composition. This may mean some top painted white to allow the resting place of the eye or to achieve a balance between the very strong tones with a very light color.

Achieve a balance. Choosing Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets mean paying particular attention to the color balance in your area. There are some design tricks to do so. For the starters, choose two entirely different color (blue and yellow), varying the tonality in one color (dark yellow and yellow). Paint the uppers the lighter tone and lower cabinet the darker hue. If you have a different color in mind, think about the lightness and brightness. Color is very dark, a vibrant orange visually demand more energy and need to be balanced with a more neutral color.

Use a color wheel. Color selection is a complex job. This is why there are magazines, books and Web sites and professional designated for that purpose. If you are committed to create a two tone kitchen cabinet, but were not sure where to start, use a simple tool: color wheel. Kitchen make overs on a budget.