How to Decorate a Living Room on a Budget Idea

By | May 21, 2015

design a living room on a budget

How to Decorate a Living Room on a Budget Idea – Redecorate a room does require substantial funds, especially if we want to make major changes in the room. But, do you know that funding is not the only thing which is important when you want to decorate the house? Yes, sometimes with limited funds, we are even more creative in designing and redecorating the rooms in our homes. Many things we can explore to make a room look new, then perhaps you get idea on how to decorate a living room on a budget idea.

Here are some simple but effective steps to create a new look for a room. And certainly, the following tips will not drain your pockets. Here are his points.

1.Repainted walls
Replacing the old paint with new paint is always powerful in presenting a new and different look to a room. Prices are quite affordable paint certainly will not burden your pockets. You can do the painting themselves and do not need to hire a handyman services because the painting is easy and everyone can do. For a new paint color, then select the color fresher than the previous paint color. You can use colors like green or blue are able to bring a fresh new look in your room.

2.Apply the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
When your intention to redecorate a room in conflict with limited funds, it is once again being creative to play. You can apply the principles of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by utilizing the goods unused in your home. Use bottles or cans as pencil holder or a vase, but you have to decorate it before use. In addition, you can create a tissue box or a magazine of cardboard or an old box that had been decorated or wrapped in colorful paper. Place the items are recycled in the living room and you can show your work to your friends and its one of steps on how to decorate a living room on a budget idea.

3.Give additional lighting
Sometimes, giving the lighting in some corner of the room can make the room become brighter. Place the colored lights accompanied by a unique lampshade. The lampshade is sold with a fairly cheap price. Or, you can make the lampshade own creations made from plastic bottles or old plastic balls painted, shaped, and colored as desired. To choose the right location in placing additional lighting, you can choose an area that is rarely used. Area under the stairs is a potential area to place additional lighting. In addition to created an artistic impression in the room, the area under the stairs that would eliminate the impression given lighting dark and dusty.

4.Put the cover on the walls and ceiling
The walls and ceiling were leaking and perforated a sight that can ruin the aesthetics of your room. However, to fix it all, of course you need a cost that is not small. On how to decorate a living room on a budget idea, to outsmart, you can switch to the wallpaper or wall stickers to cover part of the hole. Select the wallpaper or wall stickers floral patterned like, cartoons, or just strokes of color alone. As such, the walls and ceilings had seemed dull and hollow now be covered and turned into a more attractive appearance.