Feng Shui Living Room Idea

By | January 21, 2017

feng shui living room decorating

Feng Shui Living Room – Your living room may be is the most used room in your home. It is room where the family meets to relax and enjoy, and perhaps watching TV and socializing while guests come to visit. For most people, everything else is centered around the common area of their own living room. Therefore is is important to make this room to be inviting and welcoming room with bright and cheerful to improve the lives of the living room and Feng Shui Living Room can create harmony and peace. So, let’s start to make your living room come alive with Feng Shui.

1.Clear the clutter
As a lot of people use living room, it often attracts some clutter, and perhaps of unfinished projects, magazines, newspapers or cups perhaps even abandoned, plates and ashtrays. Make sure that your living room is clear of unnecessary items and unused. Understandably, you’ll want to create a personal identity or your family in this room, but a lot of the enclosure can disrupt the flow of positive chi. In great Feng Shui Living Room, the furniture should be placed to the free flow of people movement and chi in the room.

2.Sofa is fine
Feng Shui living room is both warm and charming with lots of natural light and fresh air. There must be an even number of seats in the room, and furniture should be put with a full view of the entrance to the room. If your couch back facing the door or window, you can put table behind it mode to improve the feeling of lack of support. The best way is to have a sofa with the back againts the wall.

3.Round table
Round table is better than rectangular or square table as this can make “poison arrows” with its corners. Use coffee table as a place to display flowers or fresh fruit in a bowl would bring new energy to the room and then does not leave room for disorder useless. Make sure the flowers or fruits are always new, however dried flowers and fruit will cause negative energy to become stagnant in this room.

Featuring Feng Shui Living Room is not only to achieve a balance between harmony and positive energy in your home, but it ensures that your room is always clean and tidy when visitors come. It makes sense really! So it is good ideas to clear out clutter, and get your storage space sauced. 8 powerful feng shui bedroom tips.

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