Decoration Ideas for Small Living Rooms

By | September 9, 2016


Many small ideas revolve around the living room to fool the eye to make the area look more spacious. This strategy can change the region feel cramped and claustrophobic in one feel warm and aesthetically. Decorate a way that maximizes space and light, also pay attention to how the use of color, size and weight.

Your living room should be able to work as a space for relaxation and recreation. Here are some Decoration Ideas for Small Living Rooms:

1. Decorating with mirrors
Designers often strategically placed mirrors in small places that make them feel bigger. One of the ideas small spaces is the most common comment large mirror in a central location to make a central point. Reflect light, add a nice ambience, and put them in the behind of a light source such as a chandelier. If possible, place a mirror on the other side of the window so that it will reflect the viewpoints and give the illusion of another window.

2. Use neutral colors
One of the popular ideas is to use neutral color on the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture upholstery of a small space. An outside panel of cream or white expands the space that appears to ward off the walls. Soft shapes also tend to make brigth the rooms because of reflect the light. Then, to the expansion of space, neutral panel lent during construction and create a peaceful environment.

3. Selection of furniture with a lightweight appearance
When shopping for furniture, imagine of the visual weight. This option refers to the perceived gravity of the object on the basis of size, color and design. Choosing pieces that have the appearance of a light weight, the as heavier of which seem to reduce the space.

Choose a darker color fade, and to identify the pieces that you get your foot while avoiding those boxy. Glass of coffee or end tables take a little visual than that wooden space because you can see through it. Any furniture that does not obstruct the view and make the area looks more open.

4. Choose small-scale furniture
List ideas small living room would be complete without a recommendation to define furniture that will not overcome their rooms or seems to dominate space. Sofa layered with thin arms tightly back is better than a large, multi-back cushion arm.

That’s all some tips to make your small living room feel more spacious. And you can make Decoration Ideas for Small Living Rooms.