Bathroom Tile Ideas for Shower Walls

By | September 19, 2015

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Bathroom Tile Ideas for Shower Walls – A tiled shower adds beauty and durability and value to your home. If you are tiling a shower for the first time, consult with a general contractor before starting the job to get bathroom tile ideas for shower walls. Shower tiles serve two functions: They add to a bathroom’s decor, and they protect the drywall underneath from moisture. There is no limit to how you can use wall tiles, from borders to shower murals. What you choose will depend on several factors, including your color scheme, the material used for the tile, and maintenance in the future.

In bathroom tile ideas for shower walls, Glazed tiles are ideal for showers because, unlike quarry tiles, they will not absorb moisture, which leads to mold. If you plan to tile the shower floor as well, choose tiles that are also slip-resistant. Shower tiles are available in ceramic, glass, porcelain, metal, and stone. Each has its own appeal, and prices vary accordingly.If you plan to maintain the same bathroom decor for a long time, avoid trends. Instead, choose colors that look timeless, such as earth tones or white. Neutral colors in bathroom tile ideas for shower walls will also allow you to redecorate the rest of the bathroom without having to change your wall tiles. You can choose between plain and patterned tiles to fit any design you have in mind. Some tiles lend themselves well to pictorial images on shower walls, while others are best for borders. Using certain tiles in bathroom tile ideas for shower walls, such as glass and marble, to cover your shower walls may be cost-prohibitive.

If you have a strict budget but would still like to incorporate these tiles in your design, use them as accents. Intersperse them with less expensive tiles or use them as borders around the edges of the tiled wall. Do you need enough to tile the shower completely or just enough to cover one shower wall? Figure out how many tiles you need before you begin. Calculate the square footage and add 10 percent. If your shower is small, you may not have enough space to create a repeating design with large tiles; however, a design made of smaller tiles may be just right. Small tiles require the application of more grout, which will lead to more work during cleaning. Think about the time and effort you’ll be able to devote to future maintenance before making any buying decisions.

There are several ways to prepare the wall of a shower for tile like searching bathroom tile ideas for shower walls. Depending upon what was originally there, what stage the shower rebuild is currently in, and what type of tile you plan to install plays a minor part in choosing which method to use. The most critical aspects of which product to choose are: how much work you’re willing to put in and how much money you’re willing to spend. The end result should be the same – a waterproof box. The methods used to accomplish that vary in effectiveness and cost. So we’ll start with what I consider the most bullet-proof method.