Room Decorating Ideas for Wedding Night

By | September 5, 2018

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Wedding order to run smoothly and successfully, there are some things need to be done such as asking a friend or relative who has just had the same intent; we look at what they have done the vendor who is elected. We take our strengths and shortcomings perfected. Here are some tips worth considering on room decorating ideas for wedding night.

Preparing for a wedding does require a long time. For that, it needs to set up a wedding commite as follows.

1. Make arrangement committee comprising among the wedding guests, reception, fence, good fences, and bridesmaids, catering guard, the guard outfit, guard money envelopes and room decorating ideas for wedding night.

2. Committee forming weddings, involve relatives dam closest relative intimacy of a family atmosphere so that both parties increasingly nurtured.

3. Arrange the wedding organizers at least 3 months before the wedding day.

4. Choose people who can account for their respective duties. We chose, not anyone else, so it kind of appointment committees. Later when the committee meeting, we stayed announce their duty whatever. If the meeting is still determining who becomes what, later meeting will be protracted.

5. We recommend that you do not choose the committee that they had a baby, unless there is keeping the baby. Besides being sorry for the baby, he is also not able to charge the maximum.

Discuss with your future husband as well as the families of both parties, what the theme will be carried. For example is the theme of a thousand and one nights, theme garden party (garden party), or the theme back to nature (back to nature). Express yourself and future husband in creating a memorable wedding night.

Match your room decorating ideas for wedding night with the funds available, not to charge inflated simply because the obsession a unique wedding. If you do not want to bother in designing the concept of the wedding theme, selecting the theme should be discussed with the wedding organizer so that there is alignment with the theme you want. If the rainy season, do not take the risk to hold a garden party.

To support the room decorating ideas for wedding night of the party, a wedding dress also need to be tailored to the theme of the wedding so that the bride is not wrong costume.

Menu marriage to make special dish needs to be considered carefully as well as special handling, here tips on menu for wedding night.

1. Choose a fresh foods.

2. Choose the menu with the taste of Indonesian cuisine (according to the taste of the invitation), there’s nothing wrong if you want international food plus complement (complementary).

3. We recommend that you calculate the cooking time and the time of presenting. Do not forget to ask the committee and part of the kitchen to taste the dish before serving, not to bear the shame because of serving stale food.

4. Do not forget to serve fruits and dessert or dessert as a counterweight to the already heavy main meals.
In order to look attractive and harmonious marriage, should the committee and room decorate ideas for wedding night, so let’s consider the following tips.

Choose uniformly for beautiful fence and a nice fence that matched the color of a wedding dress. For the uniform committee and fence ayu, do not use a lighter color of the wedding dress.

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