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By | August 7, 2018

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Modern home plans for sale takes a lot of money to create or construct a modern home, especially in times, where the price of the property and building materials soared. This is influenced by the purchasing power of the higher, while the land or land that is not likely to experience the addition of even narrower because of various things. But do not worry, for those of you who want to have a modern and minimalist home, now has many housing developers or developers who use the principle of a house like this, which is a residential home with a modern minimalist design and here is example of modern home plans for sale.

Minimalist modern home design like this is very suitable to be applied in urban areas that do not have large land, but that with sufficient budget; it can be obtained a modern home plans for sale without compromising its beauty. So worth it, the model home is now much in demand as potential buyers because in addition to its affordability, the minimalist model also attracts many people to have it.

It is very important from a minimalist modern home is the arrangement of the interior, especially the interior. For those of you who want to build a modern home plans for sale, it’s good to read some of our tips below:

1. Adjustment Themes
In creating a modern minimalist house, you first need to determine the theme of modern minimalist house design that you will create. For those of you who lost to make a nice theme that fits and you think you can consult with developer or provider ordinary home design consultation services open. For example for those who have chosen the theme of wood in your modern home plans for sale, then you have to do is multiply the wood accents in your home, from furniture, desks, seating and bookshelves with lacquer paint, the original color of the wood will feel the stronger .

2. Selection of Floor
If you do not specify a particular theme on the floor of your house, then the choice of many porcelain floors is recommended. But let’s say you choose the theme of wood then the selection of the wood floor can create the perfect interior in your home with the feel of wood, but if the wood is too expensive or difficult to obtain. You can use themed porcelain wood for flooring.

3. Selection of color
The selection of colors for the interior of the house is very dependent on the tastes of the homeowner, for those who determine the theme of wood in your home, then the selection of a matching color to the wood also can apply to your interior of modern home plans for sale. Do not be afraid to experiment with the original color of wood that would normally be more natural with the wood fibers.

4. Determination of the placement of doors and windows for modern home plans for sale
The door frame is an important accent of a house. Function as the air exchange sometimes is often overlooked, but now with the development of design science in Indonesia, forms can be adapted to the shape of the window and the side walls of the building without having to override the selected primary role as a means of air exchange.

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