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How To Build A Simple House In The Village

How to build a simple house in the village
The village is a good getaway from the hectic life of the city. It is in the village that we experience nature’s beauty to the fullest. The village is nothing like the city. The air we breathe here is fresh as opposed to that in the towns which is polluted by exhaust fumes from motor vehicles and toxic smoke from industries. For this reason, many people are putting up simple houses in their villages.

The first step when building the house is identifying the most ideal village for you to construct the house in. Some of the factors to put into consideration when choosing the location is the cultures of the local people. Understanding the way of life of the villagers will help you coexist peacefully with them.

The next step is land acquisition. Some of the ways of acquiring land include receiving it as a donation, inheriting it from a family member, obtaining it through a lease or purchasing it. Plots of land in villages are readily available for sale. In addition, their value is relatively lower than those parcels being sold in the cities. Once you have finalized the required legal transactions, you can proceed to develop your land.

Materials you will require
1. Timber
2. A door
3. Glass panes
4. Iron sheets
1. Clear the land to get rid of all overgrown vegetation.
2. Measure an area of five feet by five feet.
3. Scoop out the soil out of that area.
4. Fill the area that has been dug up with timber.
5. Cut off the timber from all the corners
6. Pillar jump the wood on each other for four times.
7. Pack the barriers with timber before substituting the block at the center with glass.
8. Discard the lower blocks together with the middle blocks.
9. Roof the house with iron sheets and install the door.
The house is now ready for occupation. Fire and torches will come in handy in providing adequate lighting to the house when it is dark.
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How to build a simple house in the village