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Minimalist Simple Kitchen Design Layout Ideas and Beautiful


The kitchen is the one room in the House that is always there. The kitchen of the House is also the first place food processing for your beloved family before it was served. Therefore, on a minimalist kitchen design, cleanliness is the most important factor, you should look.

Minimalist Simple Kitchen Design Layout Ideas, size 3 x 3. The kitchen of the House are generally located in the back of the House does indeed make it often forgotten, however with the proper minimalist kitchen design, can add to your mood when doing activities in the kitchen.

To create a minimalist kitchen design, simple, but still beautiful, you can start it fromlaying the efficient cooking tool that will make it easier for you when cooking, for example, the layout of the kitchen cabinet, where spices, cooking tools, to a place to wash the dishes and glasses are dirty.

Modern minimalist kitchen models. Next to add modern impression on your minimalist kitchen, tiled walls and flooring selection could be the solution. We recommend that you choose a type that it is indeed not difficult cleaned when dirty, given the activity in the kitchen will often come into contact with oil and so on.

In addition to ceramics for the kitchen floor, you could also add wallpapers on your kitchen wall in order to protect the walls from splashes of water, especially around the place dishwasher and cooking tools.

Venting on a minimalist kitchen, also should not be forgotten. With good air circulation, a minimalist kitchen in your home, will be felt more fresh and not crowded with steam that does become part of your cooking activities.

The last one is, the cleanliness of the kitchen itself. we often encounter a less guarded clean kitchen so that it looks stuffy and uncomfortable. With a clean kitchen, of course food will be produced any more hygienic.

Wall Painting Designs Bedroom Paint Colors


Bedroom design, is one design of the room, we must pay attention to. The bedroom where we rest, shall give the impression of comfortable and always makes us feel fresh. Among several factors the bedroom design, the color of the room is one of the most important factors, to the success of your design.

Paint color selection a minimalist bedroom, especially the master bedroom was sometimes rather difficult. You can immediately impose your favorite colors as the color of the bedroom wall paint because it required some consideration.

Wall painting designs, small bedroom paint colors
Nice indeed relative, you must also already have favorite colors as the color was applied to wishing to paint your bedroom. However, in order to realize the design of comfortable bedrooms, and aims to make you fresh again, there are some colors that you should avoid, for example dark colors such as dark brown or dark blue.

not only, dark colors, the colors that are too light any less suitable for the bedroom color, because it could make children quickly tired and was not fond of being in bed. If you must use a bright color, then we recommend that you combine it with the selection of a neutral color on your bedroom furniture.

Master bedroom paint colors, minimalist
Color selection, you should avoid, as mentioned above also applies, for your master bedroom, large size though. One of the things that became a mistake when choosing the color of the master bedroom is a paint color selection, does not accord with other interior colors in your home. Adjust the color of the paint your master bedroom with the color of the interior design of your House overall is one way to keep the impression of elegant and modern, your minimalist house.

Children bedroom paint colors
For a child’s bedroom, you can be a bit generous, to choose the right paint color because it is related to your child’s emotional and psychological.

Tips for child bedroom paint color, you can use wallpapers, on the wall of your child’s room, if you’re worried your child quickly feels bored because as time passes the age of the child certainly will be more adult and possibly a bedroom decor before it is no longer suitable for them.

Tip colours paint the bedroom, not the origin of trend following
You may see lots of examples of color paint bedroom is becoming a trend at the moment. Okay you imitate him, however you should think twice because of the trend of color tend to be quickly changed and thus will harm you in the future when you feel bored with the color.