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Beautify a Living Room With Stones

Beautify a Living Room With Stones

Beautify a Living Room With Stones – Interior decorating living room will be more beautiful with the presence of accents that are able to embellish the look of your living room. Accents for living room can be either wood or stone. This accent is capable of delivering a strong character in the living room. Stone, this material is a natural material, which is unique because no two stones in the world which has a similar shape and pattern.

This fact makes the stones as accents living room which is the most flexible and versatile. Not only the natural rock, wood was also able to expresses the character of a living room, with a variety of types, colors, and patterns of the fibers. The following will review on manifested stones as accents living room.

Beautify a living room with stones

Some of the ways that you can do, to apply the use of natural stone, as accents to embellish your living room, is as follows:

Natural rocks that are installed on the walls

To create a smooth impression and modern, choose marble and granite stone, is a wise choice. This type of stone can be installed on walls as accents, either installed extensively to cover a wall, or mounted in part only. If you’d like to accentuate the texture of the stone rather than how it looks, you can choose the river stone with a slightly rough surface, so it looks like a real rock. But if You wish to select a rock as a living room accent that can match the style of the design and other elements in the living room, your choice must fall on the slate (Slate).

Rocks can be presented on a fireplace

If Your living room has a fireplace, you can use the natural rocks, to decorate the edge of the fireplace. For a country-themed living room, usually a smooth stones and round with various sizes more frequently selected for the fireplace, of indeterminate shape and textured harder. To give a glossy effect, that expresses the design fireplace, granite rocks can be present.

The rocks on the frame of the mirror

The mirror has now come in a variety of models, shapes, and sizes, especially on skeletal models. Small-sized natural rocks can be composed into a frame on the mirror, then place on a corner of the most significant in the living room. If necessary make this rock accented mirror as a focal point of the living room.

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